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Parent Views

Please find the results of our Parent/Carer questionnaire here.

We also thought we would like you to see the changes we have made below:

You said We did Impact
Update website/ news line regularly with class news and photos Updated our website/newsletters which is easier to navigate. Easier to navigate for parents. Updated more regularly with news, homework, photos and events.
Improve the behaviour system, including anti-bullying so it’s more consistent. Developed a brand new


behaviour system which has been embedded across the school.

Children can earn Family Points and understand the system much more.


Provide more extra-curricular clubs for KS1 Professional coaches come in to provide basketball, golf and squash. Good News club is run by The Church.  Children have more chance to experience a range of sports and clubs
We sometimes struggle to get our children to do their homework. Developed a creative homework grid /homework club run on a Friday.



Parents and children more aware of homework.
More educational visits/ trips Each year group will have an educational visit or experience day each term. Children have many Experience days linked to their Topic and a main trip every term is planned with the children.
The outside EYFS is worn away and needs updating.



The governors agreed to purchase artificial grass, new climbing frame and outside equipment.



The area outside EYFS is much improved and the children can use the space all year round.



Sports Days need improving as parents didn’t like following the children around Changed the entire format of Sports Days for KS2. Made it easier to observe the children without moving. Included a Picnic Lunch so the whole day is made more special. Parents and carers can view their children more easily. Sharing a Picnic Lunch means parents can socialise together and bring whole families together.
Some of the children are being unkind to each other outside of school on social media. Arranged for the local PSCO to talk to the relevant year groups in an assembly. Pupils more aware about Internet Safety.
Somewhere for children to self-regulate/ have time out Rainbow room/Sensory room/ Chill Out Zone developed for all children to use Children enjoy using the rooms at all times of the day.
Children do not mix with other pupils outside of their year groups Family Groups developed to ensure all children socialise with different year groups and compete in assemblies, activities and competitions. Children really enjoy being in their Family Groups and have enjoyed their assemblies and activity days.
Special Memorial Gardens for children to spend quiet times in. Area developed and maintained with the support of year 6 children to incorporate their ideas. A lovely quiet area with special memories held.
SEND News- what do the acronyms in special needs mean? SEND newsletter every month is published to help parents understand different diagnosis. It also provided help lines and ideas for parents Parents have more understanding of certain diagnosis and have remarked how informative it is.
Would like CPR Lessons introduced Looking at introducing to Years 5 & 6 To be measured
Cater and nurture those that exceed minimum targets – academically more able Booster Groups Enrichment at CCHS Developing the Chilli Challenge and extend Good percentage of children above ARE (Age Related Expectations)
More teacher parent partnerships i.e. meetings



Phonics info. afternoon KS1 info afternoon KS2 info afternoon Open Door Policy Parents/Carers have greater opportunity to gather information.
Less sugary puddings and balanced menu Reviewing menus and seeking children’s voice. In process of being reviewed
Recycling in every classroom Recycling Bins in every classroom – the reintroduction of Eco Warriors Children more aware of recycling
Email or private suggestion box for parents/carers to use confidentially Private suggestion box to be put in foyer. More opportunities for parents/carers to pass on their views
More written progress with regard to my child’s progress – more than twice a year Reports are changing to once a term Keeping parents/carers updated on a termly basis.