Year 1

Summer Y1 Letter ‘Go Wild’ 


What a  fabulous term!!

The children have been  focusing on  writing, reading and analysing Instructions. We’ve been baking cakes, creating Cress Heads,  making Easter nests,  designing tracks for Bee Bots, measuring all sorts of objects using non standard units, rulers and metre sticks, weighing and balancing and using all kinds of vessels during Capacity investigations.   During our Forest Schools we have been baking mud pies, building dens and hugging trees and becoming  first class forest school trainees. This is our special tree- ask the children about it!



To top off this amazing half term we have just been to Bewilderwood and had an amazing time with the Boggles, Mildred, Cedric the Easter Bunny and the Twiggles. Wow, what a great time we have all had- thank you everyone!


year 1 bewilderwood


New term ahead Year 1 Go wild-






Teach Your Monster To Read


This is a fabulous website which helps chilmonster to readdren to develop their  reading skills, phonics and  early comprehension  strategies through game playing .

Each child has a unique password and can access all the games at their own level and pace, they can play independently or with adult support. All the games are great fun, easily explained and brightly coloured using monsters which all children love!

Letters to explain how to access the website and the intention behind the games have been set out in a personal letter to every parent alongside a password card for each player. Have fun playing the different games, let me know how it goes and which games you like the best.  Mrs. Lucraft




On Tuesday afternoon we had marvellous fun creating a Shrek Snowman, making snow angels,  throwing snowballs at everyone, snowgliding on the ice and just enjoying being with all the other classes in the snow!

We created an amazing Shrek Snowman- Shrek ears of course, banana nose, pear eyes, lego mouth, paintbrush arms and tangerine buttons- certainly a healthy Shrek!!

Well done everyone a great job!

shrek snowman (2)


Due to  severe snow conditions  and unfortunately school closures all over Essex, homework will be set on Class Dojo and on here for Year 1.

  • Please read as much as you can, especially in different places (homework set last week), and practise your spelling words.
  • Play as much as you can in the snow- we don’t get snow like this very often- so enjoy it!
  • Take photos or draw a picture to show what you have done or made in the snow.
  • Write about it-  What did you do? What did you create? Who were you with?
  • Stay safe and warm.