Science Projects

Amazing  Science  Projects: Digestion

All the children have been working extremely hard this half term compiling facts, experiments, diagrams and writing diaries to find out, research and understand exactly how our bodies digest food. Also why each organ is important to healthy living and they have accumulated exciting projects which were presented to the class during the last week of term.  To kick start the topic  they started off by investigating the digestive system .completing an experiment involving tights, bananas, orange juice and a couple of paper cups! Great fun was had by all.

IMG_1087[1]IMG_1088[2]IMG_1098[1]IMG_1082[1]IMG_1088[1] IMG_1091[1]IMG_1077[1]IMG_1080[1]IMG_1081[1]

 The children also completed fabulous diaries of various food objects reliving their journey through the digestive system, read them to find out more-

A day in the life of potato Jasmine and Sofia

A Day in the life of a Chocolate Donut Johnnie And Jojo


A Day In The Life Of A Sausage Faye and Matthew

A Day in the life of a Roast Chicken James and Daisy!

A day in the life of a Sausage Roll Sienna

A Day In The Life As Spaghetti Constance

A Day in The Life of a Bacon Sandwich Freddie and Sophie

A Day in the Life of Chicken Wing Darin and Evie


Digestive system experiment (video)