Year 5

Summer Y5 Letter ‘Ancient Greece’



On Monday 19th February, Years 5 & 6 went to see C.S. Lewis in his office at Frinton Free Church and he told us about his life and why he wrote his book.  After speaking to him, we travelled to the front of the church where we were told to write our names on identification tags before we walked through the wardrobe doors.  We were divided into three groups.  There was a beaver activity where we were told a story about having to own up after doing something you felt guilty about, then Aslan’s tent, where we were told the story of how Peter asked Aslan to rescue his brother Edmund and finally the gift station where they told the story of when Father Christmas gave Lucy, Peter and Susan their tools to help them defeat the evil ice witch.  Then we watched part of the film and were tested on our knowledge from what we had learnt that morning.

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