Year 2


Summer Y2 Letter ‘Watery Worlds’

The Year 2 children and their parents/carers spent some time investigating the story of St. Edmund (in preparation for their class trip to Bury St Edmund’s). They used historical sources such as pictures and statues to find out more about St.Edmund’s life. They then looked at the work of the sculptor Giacometti, and made their own sculptures of St Edmund, reflecting the different aspects of his life story. The children are looking forward to seeing some life-size statues of him on their school trip.

Open morning y2 6

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‘The children have got the New Year off to a healthy start with our new ‘Munch Bunch’ topic! So far we’ve drawn some very life-like pictures of citrus fruits, evaluated some different vegetable soups, learnt about some traditional English foods, identified the countries of the UK, written funny poems about food, had a go at some British folk dances, started descant-recorder lessons, talked about the importance of having a healthy mind/attitude and explored the traditional tale of ‘Stone Soup’! We’ve been really busy but there’re lots more exciting learning opportunities to come!’

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